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I am Fuyuko Kobayashi and I was born in Saitama Prefecture, Japan in 1977.

After graduating from Toho College of Music I became a music teacher at numerous music schools and public High School brass band clubs. In addition to administrative work such as finance and accounting at a general company, I also started a self-owned business in 2008.

I learned coaching from Ms. Irene Cooper in 2014 and had a life-changing experience that was of great influence. Currently, I am learning to further improve my coaching skills from Hidetoshi Hayashi (former representative) of Ginza Coaching School.

I started Fuyuko Coaching in 2017 and coach a wide range of clients such as presidents, managers, researchers, medical doctors and sales representatives. I have over 500 hours of coaching sessions and helped many clients bring perspective to their lives. 


Fuyuko Coaching Beliefs

  • Anyone has great potential
  • Anyone can be succesful, even during the most difficult situations
  • Do not give up until you succeed
  • I accompany my clients in their endeavours
  • I strive to improve my client’s life


Fuyuko Coaching wants to help clients to find a clear purpose in their life, realize their potential, reach their goals and fulfill their dreams.


Fuyuko Coaching is committed to providing high quality coaching, to help clients reach an improved and more fulfilled level of life. In doing this Fuyuko Coaching is committed in to the following:

  • To help develop a positive process, tailor-made to suit the wishes and the specific needs of each individual client or organisation.

  • To help motivate clients to achieve their true potential and bring positive change through the setting and achieving of self-defined goals.

  • Establish a partnership which challenges clients to recognise and build on their own strengths, analyze their current situation and find new positive ways to make changes and move forwards.

  • Helping every client to develop a fresh perspective on each situation they are facing, coaching them to find new solutions.



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