Fuyuko Kobayashi is certified by the Ginza Coaching School.

Ginza Coaching School has been training professional coaches since 2001 and offers a variety of different courses. Fuyuko Kobayashi has been certified by the Ginza Coaching School and is an official GCS certified coach. You can find more info about Ginza Coaching School here.

GCS Fuyuko Coaching

What does Fuyuko Coaching offer?


Fuyuko Coaching accompanies clients in their endeavours and supports them in fulfilling their dreams. I will help you to:

I want to help clients find a clear purpose in life, realize their potential, reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. – Fuyuko Kobayashi

How to achieve your goals?


  • Clarification of goals – Where are you active? What are you doing there? Who is the target audience and how many? What kind of people are around? What kind of person would you like to be? Make it measurable and aim to achieve the goal.


  • Develop concentration to achieve goals. Create a state (concentrated brain) where you can fully concentrate on things.

“Visualization” coaching using an electroencephalograph


Data was not visualized in the coaching industry untill now. By measuring brain waves with an electroencephalograph we can now identify actions that trigger a concentrated brain state. The equipment I use for this is the Futec Electronics Brain Pro Light.

Coaching session with walking


After a coaching session with walking, we will measure the brain waves to identify if you have achieved the “goal achievement” and “concentrated brain” states. In these states you will be able to aim at your goal and verify how to achieve it.



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